As a farm that raises rabbits for personal consumption, our priority is ethical farming practices. We raise only the number of rabbits we need, and we ensure that they receive the best possible care and respect, resulting in their happiness and good health throughout their lives.
With our commitment to ethical practices and the use of high-quality, natural ingredients, Farmette Pet Snacks provides a healthy and delicious treat for pets. Our dedication to responsible animal husbandry and sustainable agriculture practices also benefits our food system.
Our delicious and nutritious range of ethically raised rabbit pet enrichment chews utilize the byproducts of our ethical farming practices. Utilizing these byproducts is an excellent way to reduce waste and promote sustainability.
With The Fry Farmette Pet Snacks, you can be confident that you are giving your pets a single ingredient treat that is both delicious and responsibly sourced.
Sampler Includes:
  • Fur-on hide from 1 rabbit

Dehydrated OR frozen and easily sliceable-able for a custom size pet enrichment option!

Rabbit is a perfect protein for sensitive stomachs and food allergy prone pets


Feeding Recomendations:

Do not feed all at once – cut or tear the hide into smaller sections until you know what your pet can tolerate!

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