DEHYDRATED | All Purpose Sourdough Starter


Our Alpine AP is sharp and astringent similar to a classic San Francisco Sourdough.  It lends great flavor to breads and crackers that only deepens with an overnight rise! 
Not to mention, your dehydrated sourdough starter is simple to rehydrate with warm water, all purpose flour, a jar and ~5 days to get reactivated.  

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Bring home a healthy and established dehydrated sourdough starter from Colorado and start baking naturally raised sourdough bread in the comfort of your home! Our dehydrated starter is alive and brimming with beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast. It is a low-maintenance way to try your hand at making homemade bread.

To get started, all you need is warm water, all-purpose flour, a jar, and approximately five days to reactivate the dehydrated starter. Easy-to-follow reactivation instructions are included in the package, which will transform the small tablespoon of dehydrated starter into more than a quart of active bubbling starter.

The package includes a tablespoon of dehydrated starter, and a printable Sourdough Guide that provides detailed instructions on how to reactivate and use the starter to bake delicious sourdough bread.

Take the first step towards baking your own sourdough bread today with our simple and easy-to-use dehydrated starter!

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Dimensions 4 × .25 × 2.25 cm


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