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Every photograph we capture is a testament to our passion for the culinary and agricultural worlds. Whether it’s the delicate hues of a sun-kissed apple, the intricate dance of a bustling farmer’s market, or the rustic charm of a barn nestled against rolling hills, we take pride in transforming moments into timeless images that evoke emotions and ignite imaginations.

With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to authenticity, our photography endeavors to reveal the heart and soul of each subject. We believe that every ingredient, every farmstead, and every culinary creation has a unique tale to tell. Through our lenses, we embark on a journey to preserve these narratives, ensuring that they are remembered and celebrated for generations to come.

Food Photography

Perfect for anyone who develops recipes and needs photography (i.e food bloggers, RDN’s, personal chefs, caterers, restaurants, hospitals, and schools etc.) looking to update old content, add process shots, or create new content.


-Digitally delivered, fully edited photos
-3-5 estimated images/ recipe
Shared Rights**

Kati Fry
Principal Photographer

I’m a natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle and food photography. I aim to find beauty in simplicity. My passion is to explore my creativity while documenting the important work of farmers and food service individuals in my local community.

I love food and the sense of community it can bring.

You will see a lot of my upbringing and experiences in my own recipes.  They run the gamut from an adapted family favorite to a reverse engineered meal I had in a restaurant once developed for the home cook’s ease.

When I photograph yours, I strive to showcase every detail because I know first hand how much work goes in to developing these recipes.   Crave-able food photography is not out of reach just because you are low on time!


Perfect for the local farmer who cultivates produce and products for consumers at farmers markets or commercial locations looking to update old headshots, add product shots, or create new content for their marketing materials and website.


Digitally delivered, fully edited photos
3-5 estimated images/product
Up to 200 Farm and Lifestyle Candids
Shared Rights**

Seamless & Comfortable

“Not only did everything come out absolutely beautifully, but the whole process was so seamless and comfortable.

Kati was thorough during our consultation and took the time to make sure we were on the same page with my vision (and even helped clarify when I struggled articulating what I wanted).

She was communicative in the days after our consultation and responsive to my emails, and during the actual day of the photoshoot was so professional, friendly, and open.

Plus the accessories she brought to (plates, utensils, etc) were adorable and perfect for what I wanted. It was everything I was hoping for!”

Stephanie R. | Mile Hi Sugar High

No More Headaches or Dissapointment

Kati has saved me so many hours of headache and disappointment.  Before this, I would spend hours trying to play and style a meal and stand on my head with my iPhone to get the right angle. only to be disappointed with poor lighting and bad editing. 

Kati presents beautiful and real-to life photographs for my meal delivery service and I highly recommend them to anyone who would benefit from professional food photographs.”

~ Elizabeth S. | Thyme Saver Meals

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