What is the deal with Fermented Chicken Feed?

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own.  This page may contain affiliate links that no additional cost to you, may earn me a small commission. Chickens are magic! They take our weeds, bugs/pests, food scraps and leftovers and turn them into a complete protein year afterContinue reading “What is the deal with Fermented Chicken Feed?”

Planning Your Backyard Chicken Coop

Our first flock found our home in the summer of 2016. We purchased grown Rhode-Island Red hens as a way to dip our toe in the water without committing to all the gear chicks entailed. Little did we know the hens we got were around 3 years old and had significantly slowed down in layingContinue reading “Planning Your Backyard Chicken Coop”

Dealing with Backyard Poultry Predators in Urban Areas

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you don’t live in the mountains or the woods that you do not have predators in your area. Urban areas have a long list of a number of deadly backyard poultry predators. Most species of domesticated poultry don’t have a lot of natural defenses. They don’t fly,Continue reading “Dealing with Backyard Poultry Predators in Urban Areas”

Anyone Can Raise a Flock of Backyard Chickens

**THIS POST WAS UPDATED 3/2023 TO REFLECT CURRENT FEED PRODUCT AND PRICES ARE BACKYARD CHICKENS REALLY WORTH IT? The short answer, yes. The really long winded answer that involves math explains below… Our flock of backyard chickens consists of 4 Austra White hens and 4 Barred Plymouth Rock hens. Both of these breeds lay betweenContinue reading “Anyone Can Raise a Flock of Backyard Chickens”

Projects on the Farmette: 2022

Our first year and a half in our home was spent making the indoor livable.  It was full of dirty, smelly, chocolate brown carpet, moldy layers of linoleum, grease and grime.  We updated the floors, the kitchen, and the bathroom and looked out the windows longingly at our dirt patch for a yard.   We knewContinue reading “Projects on the Farmette: 2022”